Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing and Standards

What is Industry 4.0

More than just a buzzword, Industry 4.0 (I4.0) marks a shift towards automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It creates a connected eco-system for manufacturing by integrating computing, networking and physical processes. Think computers which can “talk to” one another or robots that move products without humans involved. Your company can ride the wave of change and become I4.0 ready using smart manufacturing solutions.

What is Smart Manufacturing

Imagine a factory floor where robots communicate with one another, potential problems are diagnosed and rectified before machines fail; and manufacturing schedules are adjusted automatically to meet last minute orders.

Smart manufacturing will help your company:

  • Achieve highly adaptable, agile and scalable production
  • Gain capabilities to serve more global customers with higher requirements and improve customer confidence
  • Tackle manpower shortages through enhancing productivity and efficiency, as well as meet clients’ needs by optimising the manufacturing process
  • Find new revenue streams by transforming business models and expanding into new business areas (such as software integration)

Here is how a smart factory might look like:

SMART Factory

Who are involved in Smart Manufacturing

  • Manufacturers
  • System integrators
  • Solution providers

How Standards Support Smart Manufacturing


Applying the same connectivity standards to all your machines and equipment ensures that they speak the same language and are interoperable. Like many manufacturers, you may be using a mix of old and new equipment from different vendors. Putting in place connectivity standards enables seamless connectivity in real-time and keeps your factory operations and processes running smoothly.

Standards for Connectivity 


Cybersecurity standards put in place robust practices and systems to enhance data transfer security. You will have a peace of mind knowing that the transfer of data between machines and applications in your factory is secure. This enhances your customers’ and suppliers’ trust in your company.

Standards for Cybersecurity

Level Up Your Business

I4.0 presents many exciting opportunities for your company. As your company embarks on I4.0 journey, standards will facilitate exchange of information, optimise efficiency, improve quality & assurance as well as increase speed & flexibility.

14 Key Performance Indicators
Source: Smart Industry Readiness Index Prioritisation Matrix, Singapore Economic Development Board

Based on Singapore’s Smart Industry Readiness Index, the Standards for Industry 4.0 tool guides you on key standards, use cases, roadmaps and training courses to implement smart manufacturing solutions in your company. Use it to bring your business to the next level.


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