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Standards Forum @ ITAP 2022

Organised by the Singapore Standards Council and Enterprise Singapore on 20 October 2022, the Standards Forum aims to share the latest on sustainability trends and sustainable manufacturing, as well as how adopting standards can support manufacturers in implementing Industry 4.0 technologies and boosting their sustainability efforts along the value chain.

Keynote Presentation

Global sustainability landscape and applicability of standards to the sustainability movement

Ms Choy Sauw Kook

Director-General (Quality & Excellence) of Enterprise Singapore


What are the global sustainability trends and how can standards help to address climate change? How are companies integrating sustainability into their businesses using standards? Find out how Singapore is working on national climate goals and strategies to meet net zero through Singapore Green Plan 2030 and standards developed to support it in this keynote address.

Part 1: Getting Started on the Sustainability Movement

Drivers of sustainability and key standards in manufacturing

Prof Yeoh Lean Weng

Chief Sustainability Officer of A*STAR


In this presentation, Prof Yeoh Lean Weng talks about the importance of sustainability for businesses and manufacturing. Find out more about how the future of manufacturing can be sustainable through the use of green materials, sustainable products, clean energy, green processes and energy efficiency in key sectors with new standards for sustainability.

Industry perspective on sustainable manufacturing

Dr Mok Hon Yong

Chief Strategy Officer of Onn Wah Tech


In this presentation, Dr Mok talks about the sustainable practices undertaken by a local manufacturing SME for the past few years and the outcomes. Find out more about how standards and frameworks can help an organisation achieve its goals through consistent review, evaluation and improvement of its performance in environmental, social and governance aspects.

Sustainability context for manufacturers in US

Ms KC Morris

Group Leader of US National Institute of Standards and Technology


In this presentation, Ms Morris shares on the sustainability journey for manufacturers in US. Find out more about sustainable manufacturing in a circular economy, smart manufacturing opportunities and international standards that help digital and sustainable manufacturing.

[Panel 1] - The journey towards business sustainability

Moderator: Dr Bo Huang, Associate Partner of McKinsey & Company

Prof Yeoh Lean Weng, Chief Sustainability Officer of A*STAR

Dr Mok Hon Yong, Chief Strategy Officer of Onn Wah Tech

Ms Lynn Loh, Regional Head (Sustainability) of Hewlett-Packard

Ms Wong Sok Mei, Vice President of UL Solutions


Find out how businesses can re-evaluate their practices and take the first step towards green transition. In this panel discussion, the experts answer questions such as navigating standards in sustainability, challenges and opportunities for manufacturing companies and preparing the workforce for the push towards sustainability.

Part 2: Industry 4.0 x Business Sustainability

Industry 4.0 Solutions Driving Sustainability (Factory Floor)

Mr Gerry Ong

Managing Director of SMT Technology


In this presentation, Mr Ong shares SMT’s experience with Industry 4.0 transformations at the factory floor driving sustainability. Find out more on the importance of industry transformation, different types of I4.0 solutions, advanced manufacturing and how international standards can be used for smart manufacturing. Mr Ong also shares case studies on organisations that transformed and the benefits realised.

Industry 4.0 Solutions Driving Sustainability (Supply Chain & Consumer)

Mr Willson Deng

CEO of Arcstone


In this presentation, Mr Deng shares on the importance of manufacturing sustainability as well as the supply chain processes of sustainability. Find out what is happening deeper into the facility on the day-to-day activities and across the supply chain, how to improve on these processes through data, transparency, trust and visibility across the supply chain and to the end customers. Mr Deng also shares a case study on operational efficiency and sustainability equivalent improvements.

[Panel 2] – Industry 4.0 and Sustainability working hand-in-hand

Moderator: Dr John Yong, Chairman of Manufacturing Standards Committee under Singapore Standards Council

Mr Gerry Ong, Managing Director of SMT Technology

Dr Antonio Feraco, Vice-President (Digital Services) & Managing Consultant (Industry 4.0) of TUV SUD

Mr Kelvin Tan, Vice-President (Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs) of Racer Technology

Mr Steven Tan, Senior Specialist of Singapore Polytechnic 


Find out how businesses can prepare themselves in this new age of digitalisation and sustainability. In this panel discussion, the experts answer questions such as importance of management and workforce buy-in, possible frameworks for businesses which have not started on their digitalisation and sustainability journey as well as sharing of experience by company that has undergone this journey.